J&R Underground: Hydro Excavation

J&R Underground’s customer-oriented, well-equipped and professional crews will help locate underground utilities using state-of-the-art Hydro Evacuation equipment, designed to be less evasive and to cause less damage to buried cables, fiber-optic lines or utility piping.

What is Hydro Excavation?

Hydro Excavation is a process that utilizes water pressure and suction to excavate soil. This process reduces digging by hand for exposing buried utilities, which can be time consuming and dangerous. In turn, this reduces cost, limits damage to utility lines, and reduces dangerous situations.

Utility companies across the United States are implementing Hydro Excavation for uncovering underground utilities. In addition, it can be used for slot-trenching, man-hole clean-outs, pole holes, precision excavation, removal of water from flooded basements, helping to repair water-main breaks and a wide variety of other applications.

A partial list of services we provide:

  • Non-destructive excavation
  • Potholing/locating all types of utilities
  • Slot-trenching
  • Pipe location
  • Pole holes
  • Man-hole clean out
  • Vacuum out ends of culverts
  • Removal of water from flooded basements
  • Help repair water main breaks
  • Vacuum out culverts
vac truck
"I was extremely impressed with the vacuum excavation truck that J&R Underground supplied for our project this spring. In an area that is mostly rocky soil, they were able to spot utilities as deep as 8’ in a matter of minutes. In the past, some of the pot holes may have taken an hour, in many cases longer. With the ability to efficiently spot utilities ahead of the directional bore rig, with minimal labor, we will definitely finish our jobs under budget and ahead of schedule! J&R Underground supplied the machine and crew that got the job done!"
Jason Mayer, Rock Energy Cooperative 
South Beloit, IL
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