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Drill and white truckJohn Granberg, a native of Argyle, WI, and Kaye and Robin Gilbertson of Hollandale, WI, started J&R Underground in 1999 with a focus on directional boring. Things began humbly with one employee, one directional drill, and Kaye and Robin’s kitchen table as an office. As the business continued to grow, equipment and crews were added. A shop and office building were constructed on Kaye and Robin’s farm located between Hollandale and Barneveld. In the spring of 2008 the company had outgrown its office and shop space, and with the continued success of the company it became clear a change would need to occur. In April of that year the operation moved to its current location in the Village of Blanchardville. In October 2013, J&R Underground became a woman-owned business.

Kaye, John and Robin’s vision has grown from a specialized construction company in 1999 that strictly met the directional boring needs of its clients into a full-service utility construction company. Today, J&R’s experienced crews complete plowing, trenching and fiber blowing and splicing operations. An emphasis is still placed on directional boring as the company currently owns and operates eleven directional drilling machines. From the smallest drill rigs, which are excellent tools for back yard work, to the largest rig, which can backream a 24” hole, each machine is outfitted with professional workers to get the job done quickly and correctly. Drill crews are supported by mini-excavators that are appropriately sized for the project and vacuum excavators to safely locate facilities and manage drilling fluids.

The owners have not forgotten that their roots are firmly planted in the local communities surrounding their business. Through support of local community groups and the employment of a local work force, J&R strives to make a positive impact on its community.

J&R Underground takes great pride in meeting its customer’s needs – not only with respect to the products that are installed but to meeting deadlines and keeping property owners happy. J&R knows that if your customers are happy, that saves you time, expense, and headaches! Through the use of convenience boring to completing landscape restoration in a timely and professional manner to simply addressing every person on the job site with courtesy, our crews will impress you at every turn.

In February 2020, J&R Underground was acquired by Quanta Services, and tucked under J&R's long-time customer, M.J. Electric. With the resources, support and affiliations of both Quanta Services and M.J. Electric, J&R Underground is poised to move smoothly into the future while maintaining the same philosophy, reputation, management, workforce and commitment to customer care as we have since 1999.

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